Scanning and FAxing Services

Scanning Services in Modesto, CA

Do you have piles of important documents laying around? File your documents digitally to the cloud, a DVD or a flash drive and locate them faster. Save money by using valuable office space for better things. Turn hard copies into electronic files. Easily categorize and share important documents. Keep your memories alive with our photo scanning service.

Fax Services in Modesto, CA

  • Domestic long distance/international fax
  • Incoming and outgoing
  • Will hold customer faxes
  • Local fax Incoming and outgoing

Give our fax number to whomever you need and we will hold any and all incoming faxes for you. But please be sure that anyone faxing you to include your name, local contact number or email on the cover sheet. We’ll notify you the minute a fax comes in for you!